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Where is Pishon Farm Estate?

  • Pishon Farm Estate  is located at Obafe, Siun Along Shagamu/Abeokuta Express way Ogun State.
  • Pishon Farm Estate  is located at Owode Egba, Ofada Owode  local government, Ogun State.


Areas within 5km radii of Pishon Farm Estate

  • Abeokuta        10KM
  • Mowe           5Km
  • Sagamu        5km
  • Ofada           2km
  • Siun             3km


What is the price per Acre/payment plan

  • N400,000 for outright payment with 5% off
  • N400,000 payable within 6 months (At zero interest)
  • Down payment of 100,000 and spread balance within 6months


What is the size of a plot I can buy?

  • We sell minimum of 1 acre of land for the purpose of farming
  • Maximum of 10 acres
  • All land are measured in a standard plot of 60 X 120


If i dont have knowledge of farming or what to farm how do Pishon Help?

We undertake the following;

  • Farm Consulting Services
  • Finding a farmland (with our vast experience in property business and over 50 acres available)
  • Developing a business plan for you
  • Starting and Sustaining the Business for profitability from farming, to processing and marketing
  • E.T.C.


Is there any encumbrance on the land?

  • The land is free from every known government acquisition and no any adverse claimant.
  • Approved layout NO is:  


Where do I pay

    • To Ensure prompt delivery on all promises, all funds shall be paid into Pishon Properties Ltd Bank Account


What type of infrastructure will the Farm Manager provide?

  •  Accessible earth road
  • Central Bore-Hole
  • Farm House for Rent or Sale


What other payments do l made apart from the payment for the land?

  • Survey plan – not compulsory
  • Legal documentation - #40,000 per plot
  • Developmental Levy (not fixed)


What will the development levy be used for?

  • Subscribers' appointed representative with developer shall appraise and agree the cost of providing additional infrastructure and sum agreed shall be paid through the developer for the provision of drainage, electrical pole, strings for the distribution of energy and recreational facilities.


When will my plots be allocated to me?

  • After initial deposit made (But terms and condition is apply)


What do l get after completion of payments for the land?

  • Receipt, letter of allocation, survey plan, deed of assignment and estate covenant.


What type of title does Pishon Farm Estate have?

  • Land purchase agreement, Government approved layout, Government approved survey plan


Does Pishon Farm Estate have a certificate of occupancy (C of O)?

  • Individual will process will process it
  • However, we can help you to process it


What happen if I cannot complete payment or default in the payment of monthly subscription?

  • You will get a refund less 25% of amount paid plus #5,000  administrative expenses only in the event of revocation of subscription. Refund other than this shall however be subject to matching buyer from other subscriber. You can however transfer to a third party after payment of transfer fee of #10,000 (subject to review)


Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance any time within the duration of tenure chosen e.g. one year?

  • After the payment of initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly, non-payment monthly as at when due will be treated as a fundamental breach of contract which can result to termination or revocation of the contract.


Does Pishon Farm Estate charges interest on the balance of payment?

  • The transaction is interest free?


Is there any restriction as to do on the land?

    • No


Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?

    • Allottees are encouraged to take possession and develop their plot within a year of allocation in order to control weeds, also in case where the land is left unkept, the developer will come in to keep the land tidy and expenses incurred will be transferred to you. In addition, developer can transfer you to area that is under developed thus creating space for allottee that wants to build and park in.


Who are the developer Pishon Farm Estate?

    • Pishon Properties Ltd
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