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With our vast experience in property business from our sister's company Pshon Properties Ltd. we've acquired over 50 acres of farmland to be use for the farm estate. Land with good vegetation, plan land and a stream behind the land. with a Motorable & accessible earth road.

Our lands are standard plot

  • 1 plot makes 648 square meter
  • 6plots makes 1acres
  • Min. Acres to acquire = 2
  • Max acres to acquire = 20

After due deligence our land is free from every known government acquisition and no any adverse claimant or ancurburance

Infrastrcuture Development will be a joint effort fro all Subscibers' that are interested with the developer shall appraise and agree the cost of providing additional infrastrucuture and sum agreed shall be paid through the developer for the provision of infrastructre needed.


    • Ibadan:  Aba SuleOrisunBare Area, Along Lagos Ibadan Express way
    • Ogun: Owode Egba, Ofada IlaraMokin, Akure



We are presently working with a a farm consulting firm (Burley Consulting ) who is working with our team to give technical support.

  • Developing a bsuiness plan
  • Sustaining the Business for profitability
  • Farm development and management.
  • Advisory services to all our clients in areas of conception and implementation of their farm Ideas.
  • Efficient market information
  • Commercial Opportunities
  • Training and capacity building


Our farm estate consists of several enterprises such as; cropping, seedling, dairying, piggery, poultry, fishery etc. these enterprises are interrelated. The end product and wastes of one enterprise are used as inputs in others.


Cropping: This is a Pattern of crops taken up for a given piece of land, or sequence in which the crops are cultivated on piece of land over a fixed period and their interaction with farm resources and other farm enterprises.

This refers to growing of two or more generally dissimilar crops simultaneously on the same piece of land. Usually the base crop is grown in a distinct row arrangement. The recommended optimum plant population of the base crop is suitably combined with appropriate additional plant density of the associated crop, and there is crop intensification in both time and space dimensions.

Animal farming is also known as livestock are domesticated animals that are raised in an agricultural setting to produce commodity such as food, fiber and labor.

This is a system that mixes farming with the raising of livestock contemporaneously,i.e farming such as crop production is mixed with some other agriculture based practices such as poultry, dairy farming or bee keeping etc.

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